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All Sweaters are available in size Small, Medium, Large and X-Large. Various colours are available.
All prices in Canadian Dollars.

Item#: 1 $259.00
WH 41, Unisex, Homespun
2 cable along front and down the arms, crew collar. 3 ply oiled wool.

Item#: 1A $299.00
WH 26, Unisex, Homespun
Hoody, 2 cable along front and down the arms. 3 ply oiled wool.

Item#: 2 $269.00
WH 41, Unisex, Homespun
Rolled neck plain version. Box Waist. 3 ply oiled wool. Boxed bottom as shown or ribbed hem. (S27)

Item#: 2A $299.00
WH 42, Unisex, Homespun
Hoody, plain version. 3 ply oiled wool.

Item#: 3 $229.00
FYJ Icelandic (05627-05
Warm men's sweater-zipper cardigan.

Item#: 4 $279.00
WH 23, Unisex, Homespun
Very popular hoody, heavy and durable. 3 ply oiled wool.

Item#: 5 $279.00
KP Canada Sweater.
Merino wool soft and durable.
Made in PEI. Unisex.

Item#: 6 $299.00
YPK, Country Cable, Unisex
Gorgeous detail and cable. A fisherman's knit. 100% wool.

Item#: 12 $249.00
PCC, Whale Tail, Unisex
Ladies pullover.Roll neck and slits on waist side.Box waist line/intricate detail.

Item#: 17 $269.00
Handsome men's v-cardigan, pockets and wooden buttons, worsted wool Made in Prince Edward Island.

Item#: 18 $299.00
YPC, Unisex
Diamond Cardigan. Round neck traditional cardigan.

Item#: 25 $269.00
MK- Classic Dark Aran yarn. A true cable fisherman's knit sweater, a classic.

Item#: 27 $279.00
NWK-BV6- Traditional Button Fishermans Knit Sweater
Classic tree and pocket patch.
Made in P.E.I. Detailed with pockets.

Item#: 28 $299.00
The Fairisle, WH1, Unisex
Pullover hoody knitted with 3 ply oiled wool.

Item#: 30 $259.00
The Barn Sweater
Made in Prince Edward Island by Knit pickers. Merino wool makes this a comfortable fun wool sweater. Match it up with matching toque and mittens. Assorted colours.

Item#: 32 $279.00
NWK VC1, Unisex
A timeless classic, traditional shawl collar with pocket. Made In PEI.

Item#: 33
Looks like a vest and sweater combined. Very unique and popular. Made in PEI

Item#: 55
Work Sock/Barn Sweater, NWK, Unisex
Crewneck $239.00
4 woodenbutton up neckline $249.00
Made in PEI.

Item#: 59
Children's Wool Sweaters are also available. Various designs, colours and sizes. For more information call or email the store directly.

Item#: 80
Work Sock Hoody
Fun and unique design featuring a kangoo pouch, hoody, & zipper, and slit side bottom. Made in PEI, unisex.

Item#: 81
NWK-BPH Hoodie & Button Sweater
Made in PEI.

Item#: 82 $239.00
NWK-CNC- Triple Colour Crew Sweater

Made in PEI.

Item#: 83
Gorgeous Ladies Coat sweater extra length and pocket top off with wooden buttons made in PEI, various sizes and colours.

Item#: 84
Made in PEI, gorgeous elegant ladies wool shawl belted cardigan, deep shawl pocket. A pretty and flattering sweater. Variety of colours available.

Item#: 85
MK- Fence Cable Sweater
Rolled neck Aran stitch cable. Raglan sleeve and longer on the body, variety of colours available.

Item#: 86 $279.00
SC Fishermans Knit, Unisex
Beautiful knitted, Aran Fisherman's Knit & zig zag pattern - dark Aran.

Item#: 88 $289.00
PC- Washable and Non-Itch Wool Sweater.
Non-itch super wool, a washable wool, a comfortable sweater that feels like cotton. A favourite by many... Zipper Cardigan $289. Button Placket $ 259. Available men's and women's size and an array of colours.

Item#: 35 Thermohair Socks. Luxury for your feet. $24.00 -Anklets $33.00 - Full. Hand crafted knitted mohair and nylon. Available in anklet or full sock (mid-calf), choice of colours are basic black, grey tweed, natural white. Please indicate men's or ladies and size (tell us your shoe size)!

Item#: 38 Thrummed Mittens
The ever popular thrummed mittens and slippers. For the coziest sensation ever. Variety of colours. One size fits most.

Item#: 39 MacAusland's Wool Blanket
Made in P.E.I., a true piece of home luxury. Variety of colours available (difficult to get exact colour, we will do our best)
$92.98 - Lap throw (48"x60")
$99.98 - Regular Throw (52"x76")
$179.98 - Queen ( 76"x104")

Item#: 54 Garneau Slippers
$87.98 - Slip-ons
$106.98 - Full Slipper
Men's and women's sizes available.
Assorted colours available

Item#: 61 PEI Tartan Wool Blanket