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Here at the Rustico Bay Wool Sweater Company, we proudly work with knitters in the region who knit out of their homes.
A true cottage industry!

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Rustico Bay Wool Sweater - Kathy Lynn WinterRustico Bay Wool Sweater Company is a family owned and operated business. We believe in providing superior customer service and in premium quality products. Growing up in the Maritimes where the winters are long and cold, warm wool sweaters became a welcomed item in many homes. To share our love for handmade sweaters while offering quality, pride and design to our customers, we opened a shop that places a strong emphasis on handmade creations crafted in Atlantic Canada.

We proudly support and work with many cottage based industries throughout the region.  You can be assured your sweater and accessories are crafted by members who work from their homes using the finest wool and craftsmanship.

Our uniqueness, warmth and friendliness have made us a popular destination with Islanders and visitors alike. Our store is located in the heart of North Rustico, a quaint fishing village founded in 1790, providing an idyllic surrounding of the traditional lifestyle of a maritime fishing community. North Rustico is one of the prettiest locations on Prince Edward Island.

We at Rustico Bay Wool Sweater Company Eastern Canada�s finest wool shop, welcome you to visit our shop while visiting the Island.